Ham General License Practice Quiz

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G0A08: Which of the following steps must an amateur operator take to ensure compliance with RF safety regulations when transmitter power exceeds levels specified in part 97.13?

Post a copy of FCC Part 97 in the station
Post a copy of OET Bulletin 65 in the station
Perform a routine RF exposure evaluation
All of these choices are correct

G0B01: Which wire or wires in a four-conductor line cord should be attached to fuses or circuit breakers in a device operated from a 240-VAC single-phase source?

Only the hot wires
Only the neutral wire
Only the ground wire
All wires

G1A09: Which of the following frequencies is within the General Class portion of the 80 meter band?

1855 kHz
2560 kHz
3560 kHz
3650 kHz

G1B12: Who or what determines 'good engineering and good amateur practice' as applied to the operation of an amateur station in all respects not covered by the Part 97 rules?

The Control Operator

G1C11: What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmissions on the 2 meter band?

56 kilobaud
19.6 kilobaud
1200 baud
300 baud

G1D09: How long is a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) valid for exam element credit?

30 days
180 days
365 days
For as long as your current license is valid

G1E08: Which of the following is a requirement for a non-licensed person to communicate with a foreign Amateur Radio station from a station with an FCC granted license at which a licensed control operator is present?

Information must be exchanged in English
The foreign amateur station must be in a country with which the United States has a third party agreement
The control operator must have at least a General Class license
All of these choices are correct

G2A03: Which of the following is most commonly used for SSB voice communications in the VHF and UHF bands?

Upper sideband
Lower sideband
Vestigial sideband
Double sideband

G2B09: Who may be the control operator of an amateur station transmitting in RACES to assist relief operations during a disaster?

Only a person holding an FCC issued amateur operator license
Only a RACES net control operator
A person holding an FCC issued amateur operator license or an appropriate government official
Any control operator when normal communication systems are operational

G2C07: When sending CW, what does a 'C' mean when added to the RST report?

Chirpy or unstable signal
Report was read from S meter reading rather than estimated
100 percent copy
Key clicks

G2D09: What information is traditionally contained in a station log?

Date and time of contact
Band and/or frequency of the contact
Call sign of station contacted and the signal report given
All of these choices are correct

G2E08: What segment of the 80 meter band is most commonly used for data transmissions?

3570 ' 3600 kHz
3500 ' 3525 kHz
3700 ' 3750 kHz
3775 ' 3825 kHz

G3A11: Approximately how long is the typical sunspot cycle?

8 minutes
40 hours
28 days
11 years

G3B08: What does MUF stand for?

The Minimum Usable Frequency for communications between two points
The Maximum Usable Frequency for communications between two points
The Minimum Usable Frequency during a 24 hour period
The Maximum Usable Frequency during a 24 hour period

G3C03: Why is the F2 region mainly responsible for the longest distance radio wave propagation?

Because it is the densest ionospheric layer
Because it does not absorb radio waves as much as other ionospheric regions
Because it is the highest ionospheric region
All of these choices are correct

G4A14: How should the transceiver audio input be adjusted when transmitting PSK31 data signals?

So that the transceiver is at maximum rated output power
So that the transceiver ALC system does not activate
So that the transceiver operates at no more than 25% of rated power
So that the transceiver ALC indicator shows half scale

G4B12: What problem can occur when making measurements on an antenna system with an antenna analyzer?

SWR readings may be incorrect if the antenna is too close to the Earth
Strong signals from nearby transmitters can affect the accuracy of measurements
The analyzer can be damaged if measurements outside the ham bands are attempted
Connecting the analyzer to an antenna can cause it to absorb harmonics

G4C01: Which of the following might be useful in reducing RF interference to audio-frequency devices?

Bypass inductor
Bypass capacitor
Forward-biased diode
Reverse-biased diode

G4D07: How much must the power output of a transmitter be raised to change the S- meter reading on a distant receiver from S8 to S9?

Approximately 1.5 times
Approximately 2 times
Approximately 4 times
Approximately 8 times

G4E10: What is the reason a series diode is connected between a solar panel and a storage battery that is being charged by the panel?

The diode serves to regulate the charging voltage to prevent overcharge
The diode prevents self discharge of the battery though the panel during times of low or no illumination
The diode limits the current flowing from the panel to a safe value
The diode greatly increases the efficiency during times of high illumination

G5A10: What unit is used to measure impedance?


G5B13: What is the output PEP of an unmodulated carrier if an average reading wattmeter connected to the transmitter output indicates 1060 watts?

530 watts
1060 watts
1500 watts
2120 watts

G5C05: If three equal value resistors in parallel produce 50 ohms of resistance, and the same three resistors in series produce 450 ohms, what is the value of each resistor?

1500 ohms
90 ohms
150 ohms
175 ohms

G6A07: Which of the following is a reason not to use wire-wound resistors in an RF circuit?

The resistor's tolerance value would not be adequate for such a circuit
The resistor's inductance could make circuit performance unpredictable
The resistor could overheat
The resistor's internal capacitance would detune the circuit

G6B10: Which element of a triode vacuum tube is used to regulate the flow of electrons between cathode and plate?

Control grid
Screen Grid
Trigger electrode

G6C04: What is meant by the term ROM?

Resistor Operated Memory
Read Only Memory
Random Operational Memory
Resistant to Overload Memory

G7A10: Which symbol in figure G7-1 represents a Zener diode?

Symbol 4
Symbol 1
Symbol 11
Symbol 5

G7B09: What determines the frequency of an LC oscillator?

The number of stages in the counter
The number of stages in the divider
The inductance and capacitance in the tank circuit
The time delay of the lag circuit

G7C05: Which of the following is an advantage of a transceiver controlled by a direct digital synthesizer (DDS)?

Wide tuning range and no need for band switching
Relatively high power output
Relatively low power consumption
Variable frequency with the stability of a crystal oscillator

G8A07: Which of the following phone emissions uses the narrowest frequency bandwidth?

Single sideband
Double sideband
Phase modulation
Frequency modulation

G8B09: Why is it good to match receiver bandwidth to the bandwidth of the operating mode?

It is required by FCC rules
It minimizes power consumption in the receiver
It improves impedance matching of the antenna
It results in the best signal to noise ratio

G9A12: What would be the SWR if you feed a vertical antenna that has a 25-ohm feed-point impedance with 50-ohm coaxial cable?

You cannot determine SWR from impedance values

G9B07: How does the feed-point impedance of a 1/2 wave dipole antenna change as the antenna is lowered from 1/4 wave above ground?

It steadily increases
It steadily decreases
It peaks at about 1/8 wavelength above ground
It is unaffected by the height above ground

G9C06: Which of the following is a reason why a Yagi antenna is often used for radio communications on the 20 meter band?

It provides excellent omnidirectional coverage in the horizontal plane
It is smaller, less expensive and easier to erect than a dipole or vertical antenna
It helps reduce interference from other stations to the side or behind the antenna
It provides the highest possible angle of radiation for the HF bands

G9D10: Which of the following describes a Beverage antenna?

A vertical antenna constructed from beverage cans
A broad-band mobile antenna
A helical antenna for space reception
A very long and low directional receiving antenna