Ham General License Practice Quiz

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G0A01: What is one way that RF energy can affect human body tissue?

It heats body tissue
It causes radiation poisoning
It causes the blood count to reach a dangerously low level
It cools body tissue

G0B10: Which of the following is a danger from lead-tin solder?

Lead can contaminate food if hands are not washed carefully after handling
High voltages can cause lead-tin solder to disintegrate suddenly
Tin in the solder can 'cold flow' causing shorts in the circuit
RF energy can convert the lead into a poisonous gas

G1A07: Which of the following frequencies is within the General Class portion of the 75 meter phone band?

1875 kHz
3750 kHz
3900 kHz
4005 kHz

G1B08: When choosing a transmitting frequency, what should you do to comply with good amateur practice?

Review FCC Part 97 Rules regarding permitted frequencies and emissions
Follow generally accepted band plans agreed to by the Amateur Radio community
Before transmitting, listen to avoid interfering with ongoing communication
All of these choices are correct

G1C05: Which of the following is a limitation on transmitter power on the 28 MHz band?

100 watts PEP output
1000 watts PEP output
1500 watts PEP output
2000 watts PEP output

G1D01: Which of the following is a proper way to identify when transmitting using phone on General Class frequencies if you have a CSCE for the required elements but your upgrade from Technician has not appeared in the FCC database?

Give your call sign followed by the words "General Class"
No special identification is needed
Give your call sign followed by "slant AG"
Give your call sign followed the abbreviation 'CSCE'

G1E10: What portion of the 10 meter band is available for repeater use?

The entire band
The portion between 28.1 MHz and 28.2 MHz
The portion between 28.3 MHz and 28.5 MHz
The portion above 29.5 MHz

G2A10: Which of the following statements is true of SSB VOX operation?

The received signal is more natural sounding
VOX allows "hands free" operation
Frequency spectrum is conserved
Provides more power output

G2B04: When selecting a CW transmitting frequency, what minimum frequency separation should you allow in order to minimize interference to stations on adjacent frequencies?

5 to 50 Hz
150 to 500 Hz
1 to 3 kHz
3 to 6 kHz

G2C11: What does the Q signal 'QRV' mean?

You are sending too fast
There is interference on the frequency
I am quitting for the day
I am ready to receive messages

G2D11: Which HF antenna would be the best to use for minimizing interference?

A quarter-wave vertical antenna
An isotropic antenna
A unidirectional antenna
An omnidirectional antenna

G2E11: What does the abbreviation "MFSK" stand for?

Manual Frequency Shift Keying
Multi (or Multiple) Frequency Shift Keying
Manual Frequency Sideband Keying
Multi (or Multiple) Frequency Sideband Keying

G3A16: What is a possible benefit to radio communications resulting from periods of high geomagnetic activity?

Aurora that can reflect VHF signals
Higher signal strength for HF signals passing through the polar regions
Improved HF long path propagation
Reduced long delayed echoes

G3B01: How might a sky-wave signal sound if it arrives at your receiver by both short path and long path propagation?

Periodic fading approximately every 10 seconds
Signal strength increased by 3 dB
The signal might be cancelled causing severe attenuation
A well-defined echo might be heard

G3C10: Which of the following might be an indication that signals heard on the HF bands are being received via scatter propagation?

The communication is during a sunspot maximum
The communication is during a sudden ionospheric disturbance
The signal is heard on a frequency below the Maximum Usable Frequency
The signal is heard on a frequency above the Maximum Usable Frequency

G4A05: What is a purpose of using Automatic Level Control (ALC) with a RF power amplifier?

To balance the transmitter audio frequency response
To reduce harmonic radiation
To reduce distortion due to excessive drive
To increase overall efficiency

G4B09: Which of the following can be determined with a field strength meter?

The radiation resistance of an antenna
The radiation pattern of an antenna
The presence and amount of phase distortion of a transmitter
The presence and amount of amplitude distortion of a transmitter

G4C03: What sound is heard from an audio device or telephone if there is interference from a nearby single-sideband phone transmitter?

A steady hum whenever the transmitter is on the air
On-and-off humming or clicking
Distorted speech
Clearly audible speech

G4D01: What is the purpose of a speech processor as used in a modern transceiver?

Increase the intelligibility of transmitted phone signals during poor conditions
Increase transmitter bass response for more natural sounding SSB signals
Prevent distortion of voice signals
Decrease high-frequency voice output to prevent out of band operation

G4E09: What is the approximate open-circuit voltage from a modern, well-illuminated photovoltaic cell?

0.02 VDC
0.5 VDC
0.2 VDC
1.38 VDC

G5A09: What unit is used to measure reactance?


G5B05: How many watts are dissipated when a current of 7.0 milliamperes flows through 1.25 kilohms?

Approximately 61 milliwatts
Approximately 61 watts
Approximately 11 milliwatts
Approximately 11 watts

G5C10: What is the inductance of three 10 millihenry inductors connected in parallel?

.30 Henrys
3.3 Henrys
3.3 millihenrys
30 millihenrys

G6A01: Which of the following is an important characteristic for capacitors used to filter the DC output of a switching power supply?

Low equivalent series resistance
High equivalent series resistance
Low Temperature coefficient
High Temperature coefficient

G6B14: What is the minimum allowable discharge voltage for maximum life of a standard 12 volt lead acid battery?

6 volts
8.5 volts
10.5 volts
12 volts

G6C11: What is a microprocessor?

A low power analog signal processor used as a microwave detector
A computer on a single integrated circuit
A microwave detector, amplifier, and local oscillator on a single integrated circuit
A low voltage amplifier used in a microwave transmitter modulator stage

G7A03: What is the peak-inverse-voltage across the rectifiers in a full-wave bridge power supply?

One-quarter the normal output voltage of the power supply
Half the normal output voltage of the power supply
Double the normal peak output voltage of the power supply
Equal to the normal peak output voltage of the power supply

G7B09: What determines the frequency of an LC oscillator?

The number of stages in the counter
The number of stages in the divider
The inductance and capacitance in the tank circuit
The time delay of the lag circuit

G7C10: How is Digital Signal Processor filtering accomplished?

By using direct signal phasing
By converting the signal from analog to digital and using digital processing
By differential spurious phasing
By converting the signal from digital to analog and taking the difference of mixing products

G8A02: What is the name of the process that changes the phase angle of an RF wave to convey information?

Phase convolution
Phase modulation
Angle convolution
Radian inversion

G8B11: How does forward error correction allow the receiver to correct errors in received data packets?

By controlling transmitter output power for optimum signal strength
By using the varicode character set
By transmitting redundant information with the data
By using a parity bit with each character

G9A12: What would be the SWR if you feed a vertical antenna that has a 25-ohm feed-point impedance with 50-ohm coaxial cable?

You cannot determine SWR from impedance values

G9B09: Which of the following is an advantage of a horizontally polarized as compared to vertically polarized HF antenna?

Lower ground reflection losses
Lower feed-point impedance
Shorter Radials
Lower radiation resistance

G9C06: Which of the following is a reason why a Yagi antenna is often used for radio communications on the 20 meter band?

It provides excellent omnidirectional coverage in the horizontal plane
It is smaller, less expensive and easier to erect than a dipole or vertical antenna
It helps reduce interference from other stations to the side or behind the antenna
It provides the highest possible angle of radiation for the HF bands

G9D06: Which of the following is an advantage of a log periodic antenna?

Wide bandwidth
Higher gain per element than a Yagi antenna
Harmonic suppression
Polarization diversity